We're grad to see you!

with the Mathieus (FRANCE)

7 Aug. 2016

with the Rzepkas (POLAND)

8 Aug. 2016

with Mr Aaron and his friends (AUSTRALIA)

27 Jan.2017

with Mr Dylan (AUSTRALIA)

16 Feb.2017

and Mr Dylan with HINAMATSURI dolls

17 Feb.2017

with Mr Tony (AUSTRALIA)

27 Mar.2017

with Mr Steven and his family (BELGIUM)

8 Aug.2017

with Mr Chen and his friend (TAIWAN)

13 Aug.2017

with Ms Chen (TAIWAN)

4 Oct.2017

with Mr. and Mrs. Chuzeville (FRANCE)

8 Oct.2017

with the Lus(TAIWAN)

30 Oct.2017

with Mr.Tomas and Mr.Peter(SLOVAKIA)

18 Feb.2018

with Mr.Jerome(FRANCE)

5 Aug.2018

with Mr.Martin(AUSTRIA)

3 Aug.2018

with Mrs.Malaisy(MEXICO)

21 Aug.2018